One Less Thing On Your Plate

Dishcraft Daily is a reliable dishware delivery service that uses proprietary robotics and AI to help food service operations reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase reliability. Similar to a linen service, Dishcraft Daily delivers quality, reusable dishes and flatware each day with pricing comparable to disposable wares or in-house dishwashing.

Ditch the Disposables

A cleaner, greener option, Dishcraft Daily delivers immediate, measurable environmental benefits to operations using disposable plates and flatware. The daily delivery service reduces waste and compost generated on site, saving valuable janitorial hours and reducing trucking of compost to distant industrial composting facilities. Our reusable wares provide a more enjoyable dining experience. After your meal, we pick up our wares and take them back to our local facilities where they are washed by intelligent robotic systems that we are constantly evolving to further improve quality and reduce our environmental impact.

Reliability Guaranteed

Operations that provide reusable dishware now have a full service cure for the headache of dishroom management. Dishcraft Daily’s guaranteed dishwashing delivery service simplifies your entire food service operation, reducing your worries about staffing, safety, and equipment breakage.

Our Mission

To create happy workplaces.

We wholeheartedly believe in your system and the benefits are obvious to us.”
— Office Manager, Bay Area Tech Company