A plate may seem innocuous, but it's one of the more difficult problems that commercial kitchens face. 

At Dishcraft, everyone has experienced the challenge of washing dishes. We've experienced the kitchen environment no one wants to talk about: the hot, humid, dirty, slippery, chaotic conditions of the dishroom. 

But why should the dishroom remain so troublesome in today's age of kitchen innovations, with its abundance of Combi-Ovens and coffee-serving robots? 

At Dishcraft, we believe that robotics are going to change jobs—and they should. Washing dishes is dull, repetitive, and dirty work.  The high churn and unfilled positions in the industry indicate this is an unpleasant task. That's why we're creating a happier workplace using technology and thoughtful processes.

Our first product will dramatically improve the way dishes in commercial kitchens are washed to provide a cleaner, safer, more environmentally-friendly experience while transforming the way kitchens are staffed.